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Video: Battle of the Bibles

In this video series, Prof Walter Veith discusses the infallibility of the original biblical manuscripts and the efforts that has been made to eradicate the fundamental Christian truths from the Word.


Video: Pre-Tribulation rapture or no rapture?

Gary Demar takes the stand on a radio talk show to defend his position that the idea of a pre-tribulation rapture is not Biblical. The largest part of Christianity today believes this to be...


Video: Is the 7 year tribulation Biblical?

Hank Hanegraaf, a well known author and writer of the book Charismatic Chaos explains why the idea of a 7 year tribulation is not Biblical. This idea forms part of the Futurist interpretation of...


Video: Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy

This is an excellent video on the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9. Many cross references towards the work of Christ and the time of Israel gives the prophecy transparency and is understood the...


Video: Errors in Dispensational Eschatology

I would highly recommend that you see the video titled Who is true Israel before you proceed to watch this one. One has to understand that true Israel according to the New Testament is...


Video: Who is true Isreal?

The foundation of Dispensational Futurism is the reasoning that true Israel is literal Israel. This view has major implications in eschatology because it would then have to be true that Israel will be saved...


Video: Christian Eschatology explained

This is an excellent series of videos which explains all the different views on Christian Eschatology. The speaker goes into great depth when he explains the pro’s and con’s of each view, namely Preterism,...


Video: Non-Christian Ecumenism

The Vatican stand at the front of the religious world’s Ecumenical movement; a movement by Rome to unite all religions under the authority of the Vatican. Apart from a global Ecumenical initiative to unite...


Video: The Protestant Reformation

The name Protestant comes from the word Protest. Protestants during the Reformation, which started in the early 1500’s, protested against the Church of Rome and their false doctrine. The primary doctrine which started the...


Video: Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor (1832-1905), a missionary to China, is in my books one of the greatest missionaries that ever lived. He was seen as a prayerful man, always in communication with God, a man that...