End Time Prophecies


Video: Jesuit Inspired Counter Reformation

The Reformation was a movement that gained momentum during the early 1500’s when brave men like Martin Luther protested against the Roman Catholic Church. The Counter-Reformation was a movement by Rome


Video: Truth About Dispensational Futurism

This 11 part series on Dispensational Futurism and the errors in this doctrine is refuted thoroughly. The evidence against Futurism as an interpretation of end time bible prophecies is vast and can be traced...


Video: Pope is Antichrist and Freemason

In this clip the Pope is exposed where he makes use of the Masonic hand-sign, called the horned goat, which is also a Satanic sign. Although it might be considered coincidental, we see all...


Video: Paul Washer on Real Christianity

Paul Washer speaking to 5000 youths on the topic of Real Christianity. He challenges them to look at the fruit in their lives to determine their current destiny. This sermon is seen by some...


Video: The book of Daniel

This movies is the full account of the book Daniel, a prophetic book found in the Old Testament. The whole book is dealt with verse by verse.


Video: The book of Esther

This movies is the full account of the book Esther, a prophetic book found in the Old Testament which, just like Daniel, holds some keys to unlock end time prophecy.


Video: The Gospel of John

This movie is the full account of the Gospel of John, verse by verse. The book of John is most often recommended reading for an introduction to the New Testament.