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Video: Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy

This is an excellent video on the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9. Many cross references towards the work of Christ and the time of Israel gives the prophecy transparency and is understood the...


Video: The book of Daniel

This movies is the full account of the book Daniel, a prophetic book found in the Old Testament. The whole book is dealt with verse by verse.


Video: 70 weeks prophecy in Daniel 9

This series of three videos is the most complete study on the topic of the 70 weeks prophecy as found in Daniel 9. This prophecy forms part of a larger prophecy, the 2300 year...


Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy

In Daniel chapter 9 we will read about a 70 weeks prophecy given to Daniel. This prophecy is also known as the Messianic prophecy, as it predicted the coming of the Messiah to the...